Considering a Spring Sale? Book Photos Now!

Considering a Spring Sale? Book Photos Now!

  • Jennifer Young
  • 09/22/21


Traditionally, spring is a popular season to sell houses. To stand out in a busy market and make a spring sale, you need to make your listing special. Professional photography can pay off big time, bringing you more interest from buyers who browse listings online first. But what if your property doesn’t look its best before the spring blooms start popping? Think ahead and take the time to schedule a professional photo shoot now, before your plants and trees lose their luster!

If you live in an area where leaves change color in fall, you may want to consider scheduling a photo shoot while the summer leaves are still green. That way your listing with look fresh come spring. As pretty as the kaleidoscope of autumn leaves can be, spring buyers might not feel the love if it looks like your listing photos are out of date. Act now before nighttime temperatures drop low enough to change your leaves.

The wintry landscape of bare trees and brown grass doesn’t make the best impression on potential buyers, so if you plan to list early in the spring, it’s important to have photos taken well in advance. Snowy pictures are even worse for online property browsers, since snow can hide important features of the home and land. If you have the luxury of knowing that you plan to sell a year in advance, taking pictures when it’s actually spring is the best option for a spring listing. But if you haven’t thought that far in advance, take advantage of the last days of summer and the first days of fall to show off your property in all its green glory.

Plan ahead, be pragmatic, and you’ll be able to check excellent listing photos off your to-do list before your spring sale!

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