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Understanding Real Estate Market Data Reports
Two of the most important and easiest to understand numbers when looking at real estate data are Average Price and Total Sales.
Why You Should Use a Local Lender
Perhaps you’ve heard about a real estate deal being held up or delayed when a buyer is using a lender that isn’t local to the sale.
How Are Home Values Calculated?
We’ve all seen various home value calculators online, and while it seems appealing to have an instant valuation for your home, these calculators typically aren’t very accurate.
Trend Alert: Unconventional Lighting
We’ve rounded up unconventional light fixtures that are sure to illuminate your heart, and your home!
Five Things Your Agent Can Do for You AFTER You Close!
We’re excited to live here and loved to be ask about our opinions and give advice—it’s one of the reasons we are agents in the first place! It’s our job to be in the know.
Harness the Power of the Sun
Solar Power isn’t just for luxury modern homes in gated hilltop neighborhoods—nor does it require completely overhauling your home, designing everything around obtrusive and obvious panels, or hunting down elusive experts to put the plan in action.
Home Sale Checklist: Getting Ready to List
Preparing your home for a sale any time of year is perhaps the most important organizational task you can tackle.
Wilmington 2022 Mid-Year Report
The southeastern North Carolina housing market continues to break records in the first half of 2022.
Tips for Moving with Kids
You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that children thrive on routine and stability.

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