HOME SEARCH : Where to Live

HOME SEARCH : Where to Live

  • Tom Seabrook
  • 09/29/21


Where do you want to live? Seems like a simple question, but it’s an extremely important one to ask when considering a home purchase.


  • Your place of work?
  • A specific school?
  • Your preferred grocery store?
  • That coffee shop where you spend way too much time?
  • The library?
  • Restaurants? Entertainment?
    Parks? Nature?

Your agent can help you think through prioritizing locations so you can determine where you want to live. Consider plotting your favorite spots on a map to create a search area customized to your needs so you can narrow down the home search!

If you are moving to a completely new area, or moving back after a long time, it can be a smart idea to rent first. Get to know the area without locking yourself into a home purchase—it is much easier to move again than to live for years in an area you end up disliking. Renting will also take pressure off as you work with your agent to find the right home.


According to the National Association of Realtors, 44 percent of home buyers looked at properties online before contacting a real estate agent, and a whopping 93 percent of buyers of all ages used online websites to search for homes. Let’s face it—you’ve probably been stalking properties online for a long time, and there’s probably no way you’re going to stop browsing online listings just because you’re working with an agent.

That’s OK! Your agent is there to find you the home that best fits your needs, and the more information they have on what you like (and don’t like), the better they can target potential properties. Discuss your online search habits with your agent and keep them in the loop by sending listings you like. How often you share listings with your agent should be decided between the two of you, but don’t be shy—if you see something that will help the search, share away! With your agent’s help, you’ll be on your way to living where you really want to live.

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