Ask A Nester – Which Home Improvements Add the Most Value?

Ask A Nester – Which Home Improvements Add the Most Value?

  • Jasmine Bible
  • 01/10/20

The Agents and Brokers of Nest Realty possess decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge! We asked them to shed light on these common remodeling questions…and find out which home improvements will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

​​​​​​​Which kitchen element gets the biggest return on investment in a renovation?


Updated Lighting 40%

Fresh Backsplash 26%

New Cabinet Hardware 24%

Updated Cabinets 10%

​​​​​​​What interior home improvement adds the most value?


Kitchen Remodel 83%

Adding a Bathroom 17%

​​​​​​​What enhances curb appeal the most?


Mulching and Weeding 42%

Power Wash the Exterior 23%

Painting the Front Porch 20%

Fresh Plants in Colorful Pots 15%

​​​​​​​What style trend are you seeing in kitchen backsplashes?


White Subway Tile 72%

Colored Penny Tile 12%

Black and White Moroccan Patterns 10%

Copper Panels 6%

​​​​​​​What’s your favorite home and garden TV show?


Fixer Upper 47%

Tiny House Hunters 24%

House Hunters 18%

Flip or Flop 9%

Island Life 2%

​​​​​​​What technology improvement adds the most value?


Top-of-the-line Appliances 52%

Solar Panels 28%

Smart Thermostat 17%

In-home Surround Sound System 3%

​​​​​​​Where do you find design inspiration?


Home Decor Images (Magazines, TV, Online) 56%

Nature 20%

Hip Restaurants 16%

Art Galleries 5%

The Past 3%

​​​​​​​What color palette trends are you seeing more frequently in homes?


CoolNeutrals 76%

Warm Tones 14%

Bright Accent Walls 7%

Grays 3%

​​​​​​​If you have a minor renovation project, you…


Hire a professional! 49%

Do it myself! 40%

Try to do it myself, then hire a pro to fix my mess! 11%

Is there a home improvement project you’ve been considering? Reach out to your Nest Broker for their opinion! We are always happy to share our insight!

We shared this story with you in our Fall/Winter 2016 Issue of NEST Magazine. To view the full issue, click here!

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