How to Make Your Home Stand Out From the Crowd

While the real estate market may be hot right now, it’s still important to make the best impression when preparing your home for showings. Every home seller is competing with other listings, new construction, and the expectations of people who watch a lot of real estate television programs and therefore expect perfection (thanks a lot, HGTV!). This means that showings can make or break your chance of strong offers.

For better or for worse, first impressions matter, so take some time to follow these simple steps for successful showings.

Showing to-do’s

  • Be mindful of potential safety hazards in your home (wires people could trip on, sharp furniture, etc.). You are familiar with your home, but your potential buyers are not.
  • The same consideration must be given when it comes to pets; the presence of pets, or even pet paraphernalia, can repel some buyers.

  • Always take your pets out of the home when a showing is scheduled to avoid making potential buyers (and your pets!) uncomfortable.
  • Make sure that your home is free of bad or overwhelming odors.
  • Be mindful of overly perfumed house sprays. Buyers would prefer to smell dogs than wonder what you are trying to cover up. A deep clean with natural products are your best bet.


To prepare your home for successful showings, aim to depersonalize the space without sterilizing it. Your goal should be to make potential buyers feel like they can form a personal connection with the home.

  • A few interesting objects can spark interest in buyers, but clutter can be a turn-off.
  • Strategize with your agent about how to tell a compelling story with your possessions.
  • You don’t have to get rid of all your stuff, but you need to view your home as a product, not the place where you live.
  • Talk to your agent about what to do with anything you or they may feel could send an alienating message to buyers.

Remember, it is easier for people to write off a house based on a bad first impression than it is for people to see the potential in a less-than-perfect home. Your agent can help you make your house ready for showings and can advise you on tools like professional staging, high quality photography, and curb appeal upgrades. Showing and selling your home is a disruptive process, but you can be prepared!

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