We’re proud of the team of agents we’ve assembled here at Nest Realty. We think they’re pretty awesome, and we think you will too. During our “Meet the Agent” series, we sit down with our agents to learn more about them, what makes them tick, and why they’re passionate about the real estate industry. In this installment, we chat with Jennifer Young, a Broker at Nest Realty Wilmington.

Nest Realty: 
Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from? What brought you to Wilmington?
Jennifer Young:  I’m a Texas girl—born and raised, and moved to New York City for a work opportunity where I met my husband. When he got a promotion, we had to move into his new territory. We chose Wilmington, NC, off the map because it had an airport and surf—and now we are so happy we did!  We fell in love the moment we got off the plane for our first visit!

How did you get into real estate?
JY: My mom decided to get into the industry and got her real estate license…so I followed a year later. I was licensed in Texas way back in 1995 and started working with my mom, while working my “real job” and attending college. #Hustler

What was your previous career? How has that prepared you for real estate?
JY: All of my past work experiences have been customer service and sales driven. I worked with a large company in a customer service call center during my senior year of high school and through college in Houston, which really taught me many important aspects of customer appreciation. I was promoted to a sales position in Manhattan where I was able to move onto a new job selling litigation support to top law firms in NYC, where I advanced to be one of the top sales agents. It was a 24-hour outside sales and customer service gig, but wasn’t my forever career. Attorneys and paralegals can be very needy clients and little did I know I was training to become an awesome Realtor. I decided it was time to make the leap and get into real estate in New York and utilize my sales and service expertise in a career that I was passionate about. And I can’t leave out that learned how to make a mean Cosmo to pay the rent while playing Million Dollar Listing.

What led you to Nest Realty, as opposed to another brokerage?
JY: I worked with large brands you all know well with hundreds of local agents in an office. After building my business over the years I knew my success wasn’t because of the name brand but because of the way I did my business. Nest does business in the same way as a customer service marketing firm that focuses on real estate, perfect fit.

What is your favorite part of being an agent?
JY: Never boring! Seriously must be on your game at all times. No deal is every the same, no clients are alike, always learning something new and things can take a left tern out of nowhere…but it’s what keeps it interesting.

Do you have a specific area of expertise to offer clients?
JY: I work all areas of residential and new construction. I am not an expert on everything and don’t try to be. My focus is listing, selling, and marketing our local builders and resales.

What makes you different from other agents? What sets you apart?
JY: Communication, follow up, industry experience, and a drive to succeed all delivered with a personality and a smile.

What are five adjectives that describe you?
JY: Positive. Motivated. Energetic. Creative. Driven.

If you had one piece of advice for a first-time home buyer, what would it be?
JY: Listen to the experts and trust their guidance.

What is your favorite season in Wilmington?
JY: Summer

Jennifer Young is a Broker at Nest Realty Wilmington. As an experienced real estate group, Jennifer and her team love the contemporary approach toward real estate, service, and marketing they are able to provide being a part of Nest Realty. To learn more about Jennifer, visit her agent page.

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