What appears to be a standard backyard shed from the outside is pure magic inside. The fabulous “She Shed” designed by Sally Williams of Colorful Concepts Interior Design, a Raleigh, NC-based interior design firm, is nothing short of amazing. The tiny 9’ x 7’ space in High Point, NC, was transformed into the shed of anyone’s dreams with no apologies—there will be no gardening or crafting here!

​​​​​​​When asked to participate in the annual Junior League of High Point showhouse, Williams knew she wanted to do something outside of the box. As an interior designer and previous art gallery owner, color is her first language. When she meets with a new client, working through a color questionnaire is often the first step—finding out what colors make them feel relaxed, and what colors give them energy. Are there other people in the family who will be using the space? Do they have the same color preferences?

​​​​​​​“Someone’s environment impacts their outlook and even their health. So getting to know my clients and what makes them tick, what makes them happy, what makes them relaxed is really at the core of my process.” Fully understanding how a person wants to feel in the space, and how they will utilize it, is the launching off point. When she finds the colors that will create the desired mood, she can move onto the layout, furnishings, and accessories.

​​​​​​​For this showhome, since there wasn’t an actual client, she looked to her office administrator as a muse. Creating a space that was completely her own would be a dream come true for this mother of two active boys. Williams decided to create the ultimate She Shed in honor of busy women everywhere. As always, she began with a color palette. A saturated purple hue, Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams, covers the floors, back wall, and rafters. “We used the placement of the purple to really draw the eye into the space and upwards,” shares Williams. She kept the three other walls white, CasaBlanca by Sherwin Williams, allowing the colorful artwork to pop. (The teen idol and TV icon photos are a hilarious touch.) Early on in the planning process she found the floral fabric used on the valance, which helped to dictate the rest of the palette. Vibrant punchy hues swirl around the room, each vantage point revealing something new and fun.

​​​​​​​The “why limit Happy to an hour” painting was a custom piece from Atlanta-based artist Angela Marie. Two glowing pink neon signs, surprisingly found on Amazon, flank the window. Below is a luxe lucite and fur bench by Wildwood Lamps that pairs with the angled bookshelf, complete with a resting space for a wine glass. Williams designed the piece along with Jeremy Kamiya of Kamiya Furniture. “Keeping the back of the bookshelf open was important. While the piece is large, we didn’t want it to weigh down the room, visually.” That same principle carried through to the bar cart, side table, and chair. “Being able to see through to the flooring keeps everything feeling light and airy.” The crushed velvet wing chair by Tomlinson Companies in a rich goldenrod hue is fit for a queen. Behind, the origami bird lamp by Chelsea House casts a warm glow and even bobs with a light tap, politely encouraging you to enjoy another glass of wine, while the hand-carved wooden Kalimantan bird by Clubcu keeps you company.

​​​​​​​Opposite the window, a perfect selfie station was created. Two lush living moss artworks were produced by Mona King of Living Aura Design. Above and below, the two framed sections of the wine glass wallpaper act as a guest book, with visitors encouraged to sign their names or leave fun messages. Williams even created hashtag gardening signs for visitors to use to nail the perfect Instagram photo.

​​​​​​​Perhaps the most impactful element of the entire space is the ceiling. Artificial greenery panels by New Growth Designs were attached to the ceiling between each rafter. Williams explains, “I wanted to create something completely unique and unexpected, bringing the outdoors in.” Twinkling lights were woven among the greenery, creating a relaxing ambiance that glows beautifully at night. A hand-blown glass light from Italy, sourced from Con Arte America, hovers in the center of the room. Below, a sisal rug from Eatman’s Carpets was created using remnant pieces.

​​​​​​​Williams turned a tiny, unused space into an extraordinary oasis. Is there a space in your home that’s underutilized? Do you have a shed of your own that could be transformed? Would your dream shed be an art studio, a meditation room, a castle for your kids? Take inspiration from Williams and go for it. Find your purpose, then choose your color palette, and get going!

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