We’re excited to live here and loved to be ask about our opinions and give advice—it’s one of the reasons we are agents in the first place! It’s our job to be in the know. Take advantage of that! When you’re new to town, everything can seem like a struggle, but it shouldn’t. Get plugged into the local vibe and feel more like a native, faster, when you ask your agent for suggestions. Here are five ways an agent make your life here better, even after the ink is dry on the contract!

1)  Find Good Help: We know the plumbers, electricians, yard-maintenance guys. Who is good—and who to think twice about. We know who the go-to in town is to get your car worked on, and where to get a cheap (or good) haircut. Or both. We know which doctors have a wait-list because they are worth waiting for, and the place to get a new watch battery. We live here, we work here. Call us—we can help.

2)  Help You Update & Renovate: Chances are, you looked at a lot of houses before you decided this was the one. And that means you probably also saw lots of properties where you said to yourself, “what were they thinking?'” Sometimes it can be hard to get out of your own way. If you are planning on selling (and most buyers do) at some point, you want to thread the needle between perfect-for-you and good-enough-for-most. We can provide a neutral sounding board for decisions about flow, colors, amenities, additions and updates. This will make your life easier when it comes time to put your place on the market. We promise!

3)  Looking for Work?  Maybe you’re going back to work after raising kids. Or you’re looking for something interesting after retirement. Maybe you’re getting laid off, or want a career change. Whatever your transition, as agents we are involved in the local community, talk to a lot of people, and interact with some of the biggest employers in the area. We hear things—we can pass on what we know about who is hiring, positions that might be coming open, and which employers have a great reputation. (Or not so much.)

4)  Help Integrate Your Kids: If you have kids, you probably used the school options as one of your purchasing criteria. But there’s so much more than just going to school. Activities after school, sports teams, civic groups, and volunteer opportunities. While you may be able to make connections through your work or place of worship, getting the kids integrated is something we can help with. We can tell you who has great programs to help kids learn to swim, which summer day-camps are more than just fun, and where the fun places are for birthday parties.

5)   Where Do I Go If…? We’re like Angie’s List, Yelp, and a restaurant critic all rolled into one. Friends coming in form out of town with 2 days to kill? We can remind you to avoid downtown because of the football game, and then tell you which Indian food restaurant that makes great curry. Trying to figure out where to spend your first anniversary in town? We can give you some ideas. Wondering if the Nelson County Farmer’s market is worth the drive? Ask us.

​You’ll meet new friends, work colleges, and neighbors, and everyone will have great advice to help you settle in. But don’t forget about your agent. We have a broad spectrum of knowledge and we’re happy to tell you what we know—just ask!

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