Much like buying a home, selling a home is a team effort. As soon as you begin working with your listing agent, they can start building the perfect team to prepare your home for a good sale. One of the key benefits of working with a listing agent is their ability to wrangle people who can do the stuff you need to be done. They can coordinate the home selling project so you don’t have to.
Depending on the condition of your home, many people may need to be involved in preparing it to sell. Your listing agent can bring in the right people to assess what needs doing, then assemble the perfect team of trusted contractors, painters, landscapers, stagers, etc. One advantage of letting your agent handle this step is that they probably already have a list of people they know and vouch for.

Meet Your Selling Team

  • Curb Appeal Experts: Potential buyers form their first impressions of your home before they even go inside, so a fresh exterior is essential. Your agent can set you up with landscapers and painters who can take your curb appeal to the next level.
  • Interior Wizards: Staging your home is key to getting the best offers. Buyers want pristine homes where they can easily envision their lives taking place; empty or overly cluttered rooms can be distracting and can leave buyers underwhelmed. Your agent can get you in touch with a great home stager to maximize your space’s potential.
  • The Fixers: You’ve probably gotten used to your home’s idiosyncrasies, but potential buyers are not going to be impressed by doors that stick or stairs that wobble. Your agent can help you assess what needs fixing or upgrading in your home, and can then recommend good contractors to get the job done right.

More Key Players

  • The Planners: If you’re selling your house, chances are you need somewhere else to live. If you’re looking to buy another home, your agent can recommend good mortgage lenders who can help you get all your financing in order. Plan ahead and you’ll be in great shape when the time comes to make your move!
  • The Cleanup Crew: It’s finally moving day! Your agent can connect you with reliable movers who can clean out your space in no time. Vetting movers early in the process is an especially good idea, since you’ll be expected to have the home cleared out before closing. Movers also book up fast, so don’t delay!
Establish relationships with vendors early so you have a better chance of being first on their list when it comes time to do the work. Getting a head start on the process will also give you a better idea of final costs.
Check out this home sale checklist for some ideas on work that might be worth doing in your home, then call your agent to discuss getting started!

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